Fitterpiper [fit-er-pie-per] (noun): a military colloquialism to describe a jack of all trades who performs whatever job is needed to keep things functioning at 100%.

What is Fitterpiper, anyway?
I started Fitterpiper Entertainment to be an outlet for projects needing a one-size-fits-all production resource. With our ability to handle an entire production OR step in here, there, and over there, too, we focus our service on those in the industry that may not have - or need - full-blown, salaried, in-house production staff 24/7/365.

We package, pitch, source, develop, and produce content of all kinds, for all people.

What about the name?
I named it after my late father, a fitterpiper on his squadron’s ship in his Navy days.



Andre Gower, Founder

Henry D. McComas

Dan Knight



documentary feature film
Created and produced by Fitterpiper Entertainment and Pilgrim Media Group/1620 Media

television show; two seasons (18 episodes)
Created and produced by Fitterpiper Entertainment and Legendary Digital/Nerdist Media, Inc.

television show; pilot
Created and produced by Fitterpiper Entertainment



"Is the title of the new documentary Wolfman’s Got Nards the strangest thing about the film? Maybe not." — Entertainment Weekly

"A cult classic and its fanbase get the documentary they deserve. " — birth.movies.death.

"I will make the bold claim that WGN might have even knocked out Worst Movie Ever as my favorite cult film documentary. " — Daily Grindhouse

"…that’s precisely why I absolutely adored Wolfman’s Got Nards, because Gower goes a totally different route than I was expecting, and the results are a heartfelt celebration that not only perfectly captures what makes The Monster Squad so special, but in a weird way, so many of the themes explored here directly relate to horror fandom as well." — Daily Dead

“[Wolfman’s Got Nards] reminded me exactly why it is I drive hours and hours to catch screenings of movies that are as special as it proved to be. It is for the incomparable feeling of being among other people who get “it” the way the creators of this documentary clearly do. The film celebrates celebration, and really blurs the lines between filmmaker and fan into one film-loving family. Wolfman's Got Nards is charming in every conceivable way and it will make better fans out of all of us for having watched it.” — F This Movie!